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This is a drawing I made to practise metal shines.

Here I was celebrating 10 subscriptions. It was moved here because I was trying to clean up my comic thread. With bad success, as I realized all the wonderful comments went gone bye bye with the deleting of the comic page...*facepalm* I'll solve the problem eventually.

I had for shortest amount of time a summer assistant that helped me to update the comic, this was his version of the comic:

1st of July 2013

Spitfire: He's pretty good, right? Just like the real deal! Hopefully I'll get actual update done tomorrow.

CattservantThere is a certain amount of Rorschachian dynamic tension in SA's work!

Spitfire: Oh you!! :D


1st of July 2013

Spitfire: One kid is troublesome enough, try 4? Not my own though, borrowed, once returned I'll resume my normal day rhythm, draw draw draw...


Quadruple Distractions

Multiple Reactions

Can't get any Tractions!

This here is a sweet teddy drawn by Shipp for me as a filler art when I was late with my update. 

Comments from CF users:


Cattservant - "Hrmph"

MJKJ - Great one :) It just needs a bit sand and Chuu and it fits perfectly. They waiting for Pinky and Leaf to return...